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Happ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Revolutionary Happiness App

The Happ app asks, What makes people happy? and thereby helps to solve one of humanitys great questions. A question that, studies show, can only be answered by recognition and gratitude.

DARMSTADT, GERMANY February 18, 2015 Happ, a revolutionary mobile app that can help users stay focused on being happy, was launched today on an IndieGoGo. Based on an experiment first conducted on Facebook, the Happ app takes a simple approach to solving one of humanity’s great questions: “What makes us happy?” Happ accomplishes this goal by asking the user to check in every day and describe what made them happy that day. Hoping to encourage a healthy recognition of a more positive state of mind, the Happ app also encourages gratitude. The app’s designer says it’s gratitude and the recognition of an already happy life that’s key to ongoing happiness. And he should know, Peter Fischer is a social designer, coach and facilitator in hot pursuit of the same.

He said of the motivation for the app’s design, “Most of us have pretty full lives. Of course that´s wonderful. At the same time it’s risky. We have so many things to take care of, so many relationships to maintain, tons of things we must do or want to do – many distractions and lots of clutter. If someone asks you ‘Are you happy?’ you are not sure how to answer.” Fischer adds, “ With all the stress, we’re slowly losing our awareness of ourselves. Happ redirects this inner dialogue. It’s a simple concept but one with profound potential for daily life.”

Happ is designed to make its user realize that they are likely much happier than they thought, or happier than an advertisement meant to infer that they need more from life might suggest.   Happ acts as a happiness diary, giving the user the ability to see what has made them happy over time. The process of reviewing past happiness events can surprise people into seeing what actually mattered previously on the happiness scale.

The crowdfunding campaign is currently on IndieGoGo. Proceeds of crowdfunding will be used for software development, business infrastructure, and promotion. The Happ app is being designed initially for iOS.

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About The Happ App:

The Happ App was designed by Peter Fischer and Kurt Friedrich to facilitate the awareness of happiness. Happ acts as a happiness diary to give the app user the ability to see what has given them joy over time. Currently in the crowdfunding stage on IndieGoGo, the campaign will provide support for the app’s design and promotion.


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